दृक्पातः कमलासनेऽस्तु भवतो ज्ञानं मनाङ्मारुते
श्रीकण्ठोऽयमितः सुरानिति नतांस्तार्क्ष्येण विज्ञापितः ।
प्रेयस्याः क्व तदासनं क्व च रुतं कण्ठः क्व चेत्युल्लस-
ल्लक्ष्म्यावासितमानसो विजयते सुप्तप्रबुद्धो हरिः ॥

-शार्ङ्गधरपद्धति (Peterson's edition, Verse 75, in the section on Krishna)

This is a beautiful punning verse entirely depending on the three chosen synonyms for the names of Brahma, Vaayu and Shiva.

Here Lakshmi, the consort of naraayana is gently suggesting the anxious presence of the great gods such as the creator (padmaasana), Lord of the winds (maaruta) and the master of withdrawal (shreekaNTha)by names to her beloved husband and requesting him to cast his divine glances on them. ViShNu having got up, cleverly questions her as to show her seat (aasana), voice (ruta) and neck (kaNTha) as the words padmaa, maa and shree in the names of those gods are all the synonyms of Lakshmi! It means, Hari is taking a romantically mischievous row with her beloved immediately after he being wakedup by chiding her as to look at which aspect of her when she herself is present in front of him!

The verse explicitly says that as naraayana's mind is completely engrossed by the beloved wife Lakshmi, he is willfully compelled to comprehend everything through her and in her and that's why immediately after opening his eyes, he is responding to her in this manner. By saying so, the verse beautifully suggests that even during his yoganidraa, he was deeply engrossed by her love.

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