Dasakam: 090 -- Slokam: 03

तत्रापि सात्त्विकतनुं तव विष्णुमाहु- र्धाता तु सत्त्वविरलो रजसैव पूर्ण: । सत्त्वोत्कटत्वमपि चास्ति तमोविकार- चेष्टादिकञ्च तव शङ्करनाम्नि मूर्तौ ॥३॥

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Among the Trinity, Thy pure Sattvik form is known as Vishnu. In Thy Brahma aspect,there is apreponderance of Rajas, with only a little of Sattva. In Thy form calledsankara, along with an abundance of Sattva, Tamoguna also expresses itself in its activities.