Dasakam: 090 -- Slokam: 05

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श्रीशङ्करोऽपि भगवान् सकलेषु ताव- त्त्वामेव मानयति यो न हि पक्षपाती । त्वन्निष्ठमेव स हि नामसहस्रकादि व्याख्यात् भवत्स्तुतिपरश्च गतिं गतोऽन्ते ॥५॥

Bhagavatapaada Shree Shankaraachaarya also, among all the Sakala forms, honours Thy form alone. He who is not of the nature of favouring any one deity He wrote Commentatries only on Vishnu Sahasranama, Bhagavadgita and other works depicting Thee. In the end, he also attained salvation singing Thy praises.