Dasakam: 090 -- Slokam: 09

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ये स्वप्रकृत्यनुगुणा गिरिशं भजन्ते तेषां फलं हि दृढयैव तदीयभक्त्या। व्यासो हि तेन कृतवानधिकारिहेतो: स्कन्दादिकेषु तव हानिवचोऽर्थवादै: ॥९॥

People who by their natural inclination are devoted to worship Shiva, for them, the results (liberation) do obtain the desired ends by firm devotion to him (Siva) only. It is with a view to encourage and motivate such persons that Sage Vyasa in Puranas like Skanda,Has depreciated you for the sake of pointing primacy of Lord Shiva.