Dasakam: 090 -- Slokam: 10

भूतार्थकीर्तिरनुवादविरुद्धवादौ त्रेधार्थवादगतय: खलु रोचनार्था: । स्कान्दादिकेषु बहवोऽत्र विरुद्धवादा- स्त्वत्तामसत्वपरिभूत्युपशिक्षणाद्या: ॥१०॥

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Arthavaada has three methods- namely praise whatever is the real truth, statements where existing facts are exaggerated, statements are in accordance with experience, statements are contrary to experience. And it is meant to make you interested in whatever one is describing,And the mention in Skandapurana and other Puranas,That Lord Vishnu has thamo Guna and that he was defeated, he was given advice,are Arthavadas meant to prove that Other Gods are superior.