Dasakam: 090 -- Slokam:11

यत् किञ्चिदप्यविदुषाऽपि विभो मयोक्तं तन्मन्त्रशास्त्रवचनाद्यभिदृष्टमेव । व्यासोक्तिसारमयभागवतोपगीत क्लेशान् विधूय कुरु भक्तिभरं परात्मन् ॥११॥

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O Supreme Being! Whatever I have mentioned here, ignorant as I am, is merely by way of reference to what is found in treatises like MantraSastra, And Oh! Lord of Guruvayur !whose glory has been extolled in Bhagawatha, Which is the absolute essence of what all that sage Vyasa wrote, Please remove all my ailments and grant me firm devotion.