The Path of Devotion to God
Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam: 01

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श्रीकृष्ण त्वत्पदोपासनमभयतमं बद्धमिथ्यार्थदृष्टे-
र्मर्त्यस्यार्तस्य मन्ये व्यपसरति भयं येन सर्वात्मनैव ।
यत्तावत् त्वत्प्रणीतानिह भजनविधीनास्थितो मोहमार्गे
धावन्नप्यावृताक्ष: स्खलति न कुहचिद्देवदेवाखिलात्मन् ॥१॥

O Sri Krishna! I learn (from my own experience) that for a man afflicted (by the three-fold miseries), and whose mind is firmly bound by the illusion of the body, service at Your feet (alone) is the ultimate refuge, by which, fear (including that of Samsara) totally gets eliminated. O Lord of Lords, and One of Cosmic form !On this account, (if) a person, established in these paths of worship laid down by You ,runs along the path of delusion even with his eyes blind-folded, certainly ,he does not slip anywhere!