Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam: 03

भीतिर्नाम द्वितीयाद्भवति ननु मन:कल्पितं च द्वितीयं तेनैक्याभ्यासशीलो हृदयमिह यथाशक्ति बुद्ध्या निरुन्ध्याम् । मायाविद्धे तु तस्मिन् पुनरपि न तथा भाति मायाधिनाथं तं त्वां भक्त्या महत्या सततमनुभजनीश भीतिं विजह्याम् ॥३॥

Fear is caused by a second something which is different from us and. Is the result of imagination of the mind and so think, Continuously that all things are only one and . I will try to control my mind with effort and discriminative intelligence. But when this discriminative intelligence is overpowered and inflicted by Maaya, the consciousness of oneness does not reveal itself again. Therefore, O Lord! by constantly worshipping Thee with great Bhakti, I will overcome all fear.

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