Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam: 04

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भक्तेरुत्पत्तिवृद्धी तव चरणजुषां सङ्गमेनैव पुंसा- मासाद्ये पुण्यभाजां श्रिय इव जगति श्रीमतां सङ्गमेन । तत्सङ्गो देव भूयान्मम खलु सततं तन्मुखादुन्मिषद्भि- स्त्वन्माहात्म्यप्रकारैर्भवति च सुदृढा भक्तिरुद्धूतपापा ॥४॥

O Lord! In this world, having association with the rich alone assures one toacquire wealth and multiply it. Similarly, constant association with those devotees, who are fortunate enough to take refuge and offer service at Your lotus feet . And so God, please provide me company of such devotees without break,And hearing your greatness which emerges from their mouth, Would remove all my sins and I would develop strong devotion towards you.