Dasakam: 091 -- Slokam: 05

श्रेयोमार्गेषु भक्तावधिकबहुमतिर्जन्मकर्माणि भूयो गायन् क्षेमाणि नामान्यपि तदुभयत: प्रद्रुतं प्रद्रुतात्मा । उद्यद्धास: कदाचित् कुहचिदपि रुदन् क्वापि गर्जन् प्रगाय- न्नुन्मादीव प्रनृत्यन्नयि कुरु करुणां लोकबाह्यश्चरेयम् ॥५॥

With preference for the path of devotion among the paths leading to Moksha, singing repeatedly about Your incarnations and deeds and also chant Thy grace conferring names. I may burst into laughter or cry suddenly, or at times roar or sing and dance about like a mad man, And travel away from the routine of the very ordinary people. O Lord ! Show compassion on me!

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