I would be sincerely thankful to you for your help in fixing the date for Graha Pravesham for a house. The requirement is to finish the Graha pravesham before end of Mat 2018. Looking at the panchangam I suggested the date of 28th that has Sidda yogam (after 10:30 am) and Anusha nakshatram. However this date being Monday yama Gandam starts at 10:30 am. Before 10:30 am it is Marana yogam and Visaga Nakshatram.
Kindly advice what can we do. The Graha Pravesham is at America (Los Angeles).
Can we do the
1. Simple Pal Kaichtal and simple small pooja at 10:30 am on 28th or
2. Do it(above mentioned ritual) in Brhama muhurtham before 6:30 am or
3. Do it on 27th before 10:30 am (27th happens to be a Shubha Muhurtham day)

We would be very grateful to you for your kind advice. Thanks in advance.

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