Narayaneeyam - Dasakam: 92 -- Bhakti with Karma
Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 01
वेदैस्सर्वाणि कर्माण्यफलपरतया वर्णितानीति बुध्वा तानि त्वय्यर्पितान्येव हि समनुचरन् यानि नैष्कर्म्यमीश । मा भूद्वेदैर्निषिद्धे कुहचिदपि मन:कर्मवाचां प्रवृत्ति- र्दुर्वर्जं चेदवाप्तं तदपि खलु भवत्यर्पये चित्प्रकाशे ॥१॥

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Understanding that the Vedas tell us that expect all actions are to be to be performed without attachment to, or in expectation. , Oh God, I completely dedicate all such rituals to you and escape from the attachment to them. And I understand that I should not do anything prohibited by Vedas, And suppose by chance I am forced to undertake any such prohibited actions, I would also dedicate them to Thee alone the very light of consciousness.!1