Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 02

[hd]यस्त्वन्य: कर्मयोगस्तव भजनमयस्तत्र चाभीष्टमूर्तिं हृद्यां सत्त्वैकरूपां दृषदि हृदि मृदि क्वापि वा भावयित्वा । पुष्पैर्गन्धैर्निवेद्यैरपि च विरचितै: शक्तितो भक्तिपूतै- र्नित्यं वर्यां सपर्यां विदधदयि विभो त्वत्प्रसादं भजेयम् ॥२॥[/hd]

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Oh God, in the mode of worship that is different from that prescribed by Vedas,I would visualize you in the pretty and purely cent percent Sathva Saatvic form of Thee I will invoke in my heart as an image of stone or clay or any other material and worship with offerings of flowers, incense and food, according to my capacity. O Lord! devotedly performing Thy worship, I will seek Thy grace.2