Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 03

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स्त्रीशूद्रास्त्वत्कथादिश्रवणविरहिता आसतां ते दयार्हा- स्त्वत्पादासन्नयातान् द्विजकुलजनुषो हन्त शोचाम्यशान्तान् । वृत्त्यर्थं ते यजन्तो बहुकथितमपि त्वामनाकर्णयन्तो दृप्ता विद्याभिजात्यै: किमु न विदधते तादृशं मा कृथा माम् ॥३॥

I sympathize with women and low-born classes who do not have the good fortune to listen to narrations of Thy deeds and excellences and for chanting Thy names. I especially, however, bewail the fate of those high caste persons who, even with ample opportunities to worship Thee, Are more interested in pleasures of life or sacrifice this great opportunity, For the sake of earning their livelihood and in spite of being taught by you several times, Do not care to understand your teachings and I am wondering within myself, About all that these people can do due to pride coming out of wisdom and high birth. O Lord, may Thou prevent me from becoming one like these.3