Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 04

पापोऽयं कृष्णरामेत्यभिलपति निजं गूहितुं दुश्चरित्रं निर्लज्जस्यास्य वाचा बहुतरकथनीयानि मे विघ्नितानि । भ्राता मे वन्ध्यशीलो भजति किल सदा विष्णुमित्थं बुधांस्ते निन्दन्त्युच्चैर्हसन्ति त्वयि निहितमतींस्तादृशं मा कृथा माम् ॥४॥

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Those worldly undevoted people laugh loudly at the wise people who are devoted to Thee with their minds absorbed in Thee. They speak spitefully of them with statements like “Rama, Krishna”, so that is heard in all directions and due to his shameless shouting, I am not able to say several things that I really want to say. My brother is a hypocrite and feigns to worship Vishnu all the time.' And these non devotees make fun of your devotees, Who have surrendered their mind to you and O Lord! please do not make me one of them. 4