Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 05

श्वेतच्छायं कृते त्वां मुनिवरवपुषं प्रीणयन्ते तपोभि- स्त्रेतायां स्रुक्स्रुवाद्यङ्कितमरुणतनुं यज्ञरूपं यजन्ते । सेवन्ते तन्त्रमार्गैर्विलसदरिगदं द्वापरे श्यामलाङ्गं नीलं सङ्कीर्तनाद्यैरिह कलिसमये मानुषास्त्वां भजन्ते ॥५॥

In the Krita Yuga, people do penance by invoking Thee in the white and resplendentform of an illustrious sage. In the Treta Yuga they worship Thee as the Yajna Purusha itself, red in complexion marked with Sruka and Sruva (the Yaagyic acessories). According to the Taantric rites and rituals, in the Dwaapara Yuga, people worship Thee with a blue complexion resplendent with mace and discus etc. In this Kali Yuga Thou with a blue complexion are worshipped by people, with the chanting of Thy various names.5

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