Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 07

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भक्तास्तावत्कलौ स्युर्द्रमिलभुवि ततो भूरिशस्तत्र चोच्चै: कावेरीं ताम्रपर्णीमनु किल कृतमालां च पुण्यां प्रतीचीम् । हा मामप्येतदन्तर्भवमपि च विभो किञ्चिदञ्चद्रसं त्व- य्याशापाशैर्निबध्य भ्रमय न भगवन् पूरय त्वन्निषेवाम् ॥७॥

In the Kali age devotees are found everywhere more so in the Dravida region,And even there more on the banks of Cauvery, Thamraparni , Kruthamala, the holy west, the devotees will be more. Oh Lord of Guruvayur!, Please do not tie me, who was born in this region and also possessing some devotion, tightly by the rope of worldly pleasures and help me, Fulfill my desire of serving you always with devotion.7