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Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam: 08

दृष्ट्वा धर्मद्रुहं तं कलिमपकरुणं प्राङ्महीक्षित् परीक्षित् हन्तुं व्याकृष्टखड्गोऽपि न विनिहतवान् सारवेदी गुणांशात् । त्वत्सेवाद्याशु सिद्ध्येदसदिह न तथा त्वत्परे चैष भीरु- र्यत्तु प्रागेव रोगादिभिरपहरते तत्र हा शिक्षयैनम् ॥८॥

Once king Pareekshit saw the merciless Kali who is the enemy of Dharma (righteousness), and to kill him, he drew his sword also. But he did not kill Kali, because Kali is a knower of the essence of Truth, and also because it has some good features. In Kali, Thy worship bears results very soon where as evil deeds take time to bring fruits. Kali is also afraid of Thy devotees, so he tries to take them away by disease etc., even before their devotion becomes firm. For this O Lord! This Kali is really very cruel and so please punish him.8