Move your mouse on to first button of the editor and wait for a while
it will show you the tool tip of every button.
Group 1:
Button 1: A/A will show you "Switch editor to source mode" - it will be useful for whom
know the bbcodes.
Button 2 : A/A with a X mark : Remove format
Group 2:
Button 1: Paste plain text
Button 2: Paste from word with format

Group 3: Drop down to select your favourite font.
Group 4: Drop down to select the size of font for your selected text or text to be typed.
Button : Drop down to select the color of your text
Button : Smiley button to place in your text
Group 5: 1. Undo button d Redo button

Likewise in the second row third group buttons are used to insert link, remove link,
insert image, insert video. please move your mouse on it to find the correct one to insert images.
Use images to enhance your postings.

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