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Dasakam: 092 -- Slokam:10

देवर्षीणां पितृणामपि न पुन: ऋणी किङ्करो वा स भूमन् । योऽसौ सर्वात्मना त्वां शरणमुपगतस्सर्वकृत्यानि हित्वा । तस्योत्पन्नं विकर्माप्यखिलमपनुदस्येव चित्तस्थितस्त्वं तन्मे पापोत्थतापान् पवनपुरपते रुन्धि भक्तिं प्रणीया: ॥१०॥

O Lord of the Universe! Who so ever, whole heartedly takes refuge in Thee, abandoning all actions, is no longer a debtor to the gods or sages, Pitris (or Manes), or a servant to them. Even if he has done any misdeeds, they are destroyed by Thee who do reside in his heart. O Lord of Guruvaayur! destroy my sorrows caused by sins committed by me,And make my devotion to you perfect and ever living.10