Dasakam-93 Lessons from twenty five Gurus
Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 01

बन्धुस्नेहं विजह्यां तव हि करुणया त्वय्युपावेशितात्मा
सर्वं त्यक्त्वा चरेयं सकलमपि जगद्वीक्ष्य मायाविलासम् ।
नानात्वाद्भ्रान्तिजन्यात् सति खलु गुणदोषावबोधे विधिर्वा
व्यासेधो वा कथं तौ त्वयि निहितमतेर्वीतवैषम्यबुद्धे: ॥१॥

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Oh Lord! Thy grace alone will enable me to abandon my love and affection towards my relatives. And after surrendering my soul in you , leaving out everything. I will wander about looking upon the whole world and I would do both these acts after clearly understanding that as an expression of Maayaa. I am differentiating between good and bad and also do acts of assertion and negation. How can both of these apply to a person whose mind is engrossed in Thee and thereby transcends such notions?