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Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 02

क्षुत्तृष्णालोपमात्रे सततकृतधियो जन्तव: सन्त्यनन्ता-
स्तेभ्यो विज्ञानवत्त्वात् पुरुष इह वरस्तज्जनिर्दुर्लभैव ।
तत्राप्यात्मात्मन: स्यात्सुहृदपि च रिपुर्यस्त्वयि न्यस्तचेता-
स्तापोच्छित्तेरुपायं स्मरति स हि सुहृत् स्वात्मवैरी ततोऽन्य: ॥२॥

There are countless beings who are always absorbed in satisfying their hunger and thirst. Among them,a man who is superior for being endowed with a discriminative mind. And to get to be born as man is indeed very rare. And even among these men, some of them become their own enemy or friend, . A person whose mind is absorbed in Thee And who keeps his devotion in you and find a way out of all pain,And enemy is the one who is not like that and suffers.2