Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 04

स्वच्छ: स्यां पावनोऽहं मधुर उदकवद्वह्निवन्मा स्म गृह्णां
सर्वान्नीनोऽपि दोषं तरुषु तमिव मां सर्वभूतेष्ववेयाम् ।
पुष्टिर्नष्टि: कलानां शशिन इव तनोर्नात्मनोऽस्तीति विद्यां
तोयादिव्यस्तमार्ताण्डवदपि च तनुष्वेकतां त्वत्प्रसादात् ॥४॥

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Like water I would be without dirt and wash away dirt from everything And would be sweet for every one,Like the fire in spite of eating different types of food, I would not get affected by the food that I eat,Like the fire that burns from different types of wood, Being the same , I would understand my soul is no different ,From the millions of the soul in this world, From the growth and diminishing phase of the moon,I would understand all changes are for the body, And does not affect the soul inside and not only that, By Thy grace, may I realise that soul is same, the oneness of all individual bodies, even while appearing to be different reflected images of the sun in universal like water, mirrors, etc.