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Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 05

स्नेहाद्व्याधात्तपुत्रप्रणयमृतकपोतायितो मा स्म भूवं
प्राप्तं प्राश्नन् सहेय क्षुधमपि शयुवत् सिन्धुवत्स्यामगाध: ।
मा पप्तं योषिदादौ शिखिनि शलभवत् भृङ्गवत्सारभागी
भूयासं किन्तु तद्वद्धनचयनवशान्माहमीश प्रणेशम् ॥५॥

From the Dove, which perishes while trying to save its loved ones from the hunter, may I learn the lesson Let me not destroy myself due to excessive attachment. Like a python I will learn to eat whenever I get food, And starve and bear it when no food is available. Python which eats only what, by chance, comes its way; let me strive to be content. Like an ocean I would be serene and deep teaches me to be calm and unfathomable. Like the firefly let me not fall in the fire, May I learn to resist the blandishments of the fair sex, etc.from the Moth, which, being attracted by the fire, falls into it and perishes. Let me be like a bee and extract the essence out of things,And let me not accumulate wealth like a bee and perish because of it.5