Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 06

मा बद्ध्यासं तरुण्या गज इव वशया नार्जयेयं धनौघं
हर्तान्यस्तं हि माध्वीहर इव मृगवन्मा मुहं ग्राम्यगीतै: ।
नात्यासज्जेय भोज्ये झष इव बलिशे पिङ्गलावन्निराश:
सुप्यां भर्तव्ययोगात् कुरर इव विभो सामिषोऽन्यैर्न हन्यै ॥६॥

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O Lord! May I not be captivated by attractive women, unlike the male elephant which is imprisoned by getting attracted by a she elephant? Let me not earn wealth in plenty because it is taken away by others,For like the hunter taking away the honey. even as honey stored by the Honey-bee is, by the honey gatherers. Like that Someone would definitely snatch wealth away from me . Let me not be attracted into a snare by sweet words, , unlike the deer which is charmed by vulgar music. May I not be too attached to food like a fish that falls to the bait. Like Pingalaa may I sleep soundly without a care. O Lord! May I not be kill me for the attachment to wealth,Like the Karara bird in the manner of the Kurara Bird, being attacked by other birds in order to snatch the meat from its mouth and being killed for the meat.6