Dasakam: 093 -- Slokam: 07

वर्तेय त्यक्तमान: सुखमतिशिशुवन्निस्सहायश्चरेयं
कन्याया एकशेषो वलय इव विभो वर्जितान्योन्यघोष: ।
त्वच्चित्तो नावबुध्यै परमिषुकृदिव क्ष्माभृदायानघोषं
गेहेष्वन्यप्रणीतेष्वहिरिव निवसान्युन्दुरोर्मन्दिरेषु ॥७॥

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May I, like a small child live in happiness and not spoiled by pride. May I roam about insolitude, free from the noise like a solitary bangle on a maiden's wrist, I will move about restricting myself from all other noises of contacts and conflicts May my mind be absorbed in Thee and not know anything beyond that like the arrow maker who does not know the announcement of the king's coming. May I live in houses made by others, and so be not attached to any house, like the snake who lives in the holes made by rats7