Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 06

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[hdजीवन्मुक्तत्वमेवंविधमिति वचसा किं फलं दूरदूरे
तन्ना]माशुद्धबुद्धेर्न च लघु मनसश्शोधनं भक्तितोऽन्यत् ।
तन्मे विष्णो कृषीष्ठास्त्वयि कृतसकलप्रार्पणं भक्तिभारं
येन स्यां मङ्क्षु किञ्चिद् गुरुवचनमिलत्त्वत्प्रबोधस्त्वदात्मा ॥६॥[/hd2]

Of what use are the words about the state of liberation in the embodied soul? This concept is farfetched for the impure minded. There is no way other than devotion for the mind to be even a bit purified. and so Oh Lord Vishnu, Please bless me with staunch devotion to you where, I surrender everything to you, using which , I would speedily, Get salvation with minimum teaching from a Guru