Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 08

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यो यावान् यादृशो वा त्वमिति किमपि नैवावगच्छामि भूम्-
न्नेवञ्चानन्यभावस्त्वदनुभजनमेवाद्रिये चैद्यवैरिन् ।
त्वल्लिङ्गानां त्वदङ्घ्रिप्रियजनसदसां दर्शनस्पर्शनादि-
र्भूयान्मे त्वत्प्रपूजानतिनुतिगुणकर्मानुकीर्त्यादरोऽपि ॥८॥

Oh God who is everywhere, I do not know anything of your form, your importance, And your activities and this is certain, . In spite of my little understanding Oh God who gave salvation to even Shishupala, Even at this stage let my mind not waver and let me with great attention, Pray Only you and be able to see and touch your idols as well as your devotees, And let my mind be engaged in your worship, salutation, prayer, And singing of your great qualities always.