Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 09

यद्यल्लभ्येत तत्तत्तव समुपहृतं देव दासोऽस्मि तेऽहं
त्वद्गेहोन्मार्जनाद्यं भवतु मम मुहु: कर्म निर्मायमेव ।
सूर्याग्निब्राह्मणात्मादिषु लसितचतुर्बाहुमाराधये त्वां
त्वत्प्रेमार्द्रत्वरूपो मम सततमभिष्यन्दतां भक्तियोग: ॥९॥

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O Lord! Whatever comes to me, I offer to Thee. I am Thy servant. May I always be in Thy service without fail, like cleaning Thy temple etc. May I worship Thy resplendent four armed form in the sun, fire, Brahmin and the soul. May I, forever, practice devotion to Thee in the form of melting of the heart. Through devotion continuously flow and always without stop and turn in to a continuous flow of love for Thee.