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Dasakam: 094 -- Slokam: 10

ऐक्यं ते दानहोमव्रतनियमतपस्सांख्ययोगैर्दुरापं
त्वत्सङ्गेनैव गोप्य: किल सुकृतितमा प्रापुरानन्दसान्द्रम् ।
भक्तेष्वन्येषु भूयस्स्वपि बहुमनुषे भक्तिमेव त्वमासां
तन्मे त्वद्भक्तिमेव द्रढय हर गदान् कृष्ण वातालयेश ॥१०॥

The Gopikas were truly blessed, in that, by their wholehearted devotion, they attained supreme bliss and one-ness with Thee, which is unattainable by other means, such as, charity, sacrifice, penance, austerities, etc or the methods prescribed in the Sankhya and Yoga. Amongst Thy innumerable devotees, the Gopis occupy a unique position and esteem in Thine eyes.O Krishna, Lord of Guruvayur ! May Thou strengthen my devotion to Thee and cure all my ailments.