Narayaneeyam Dasakam-95 Dhyana Yoga

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Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 01

आदौ हैरण्यगर्भीं तनुमविकलजीवात्मिकामास्थितस्त्वं
जीवत्वं प्राप्य मायागुणगणखचितो वर्तसे विश्वयोने ।
तत्रोद्वृद्धेन सत्त्वेन तु गुणयुगलं भक्तिभावं गतेन
छित्वा सत्त्वं च हित्वा पुनरनुपहितो वर्तिताहे त्वमेव ॥१॥

O Thou! The Origin of All! ! At the commencement of creation You were in the body of Hiranya Garbha who is the universal form of all beings, . Later these evolved into numerous individual entities, on being infused with the three Gunas. With the well developed and dominant Sattva, manifests as devotion, overpowering and eliminating the other two, Rajas and Tamas, in the process. In duecourse, when Satthva effaces itself and fades away, the individual soul (jeeva), myself being one, attains the state of identity with Thee.