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Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 03

सन्ति श्रेयांसि भूयांस्यपि रुचिभिदया कर्मिणां निर्मितानि
क्षुद्रानन्दाश्च सान्ता बहुविधगतय: कृष्ण तेभ्यो भवेयु: ।
त्वं चाचख्याथ सख्ये ननु महिततमां श्रेयसां भक्तिमेकां
त्वद्भक्त्यानन्दतुल्य: खलु विषयजुषां सम्मद: केन वा स्यात् ॥३॥

For the people wedded to rituals several means of fulfillment are there, But Oh Lord Krishna , they lead to trivial joy or that which is temporary, And you have taught your friend Udhava that the best possible method, Of attaining you is only through the path of devotion and to the worldly ones, Where does the joy that people get by worldly pursuits, stand in comparison to the bliss of devotion to Thee!