Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 04

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त्वत्भक्त्या तुष्टबुद्धे: सुखमिह चरतो विच्युताशस्य चाशा:
सर्वा: स्यु: सौख्यमय्य: सलिलकुहरगस्येव तोयैकमय्य: ।
सोऽयं खल्विन्द्रलोकं कमलजभवनं योगसिद्धीश्च हृद्या:
नाकाङ्क्षत्येतदास्तां स्वयमनुपतिते मोक्षसौख्येऽप्यनीह: ॥४॥

To the one who attains a joyous mind through devotion to you, and roams about happily everywhere, being rid of all desires, finds nothing but joy all round, similar to the animal living in the depth of the ocean seeing only water all round. Such a devotee craves not for Indraloka (heaven), Satyaloka (abode of Brahma) nor Yogic accomplishments, somuch so, that he has no desire even for the bliss of salvation (Moksha) which comes to him automatically.