Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 06

चित्तार्द्रीभावमुच्चैर्वपुषि च पुलकं हर्षवाष्पं च हित्वा
चित्तं शुद्ध्येत्कथं वा किमु बहुतपसा विद्यया वीतभक्ते: ।
चक्षुर्वत्तत्त्वसूक्ष्मं भजति न तु तथाऽभ्यस्तया तर्ककोट्या॥६॥

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Unless the heart melts with love, the hair of the whole body stand on end or tears of joy flow, how can the mind be purified. Of what use are austerities or learning devoid of devotion. Just as, by constant use of corrylium the eyes can see the objects, the mind intutes Thy subtle truth by constant imbibing of Thy narrations and so purifying the soul. It is not so indeed by the study of highly sophisticated Tarkasastra, multiple argumentation, etc.