Dasakam: 095 -- Slokam: 09

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सर्वाङ्गेष्वङ्ग रङ्गत्कुतुकमिति मुहुर्धारयन्नीश चित्तं
तत्राप्येकत्र युञ्जे वदनसरसिजे सुन्दरे मन्दहासे
तत्रालीनं तु चेत: परमसुखचिदद्वैतरूपे वितन्व-
न्नन्यन्नो चिन्तयेयं मुहुरिति समुपारूढयोगो भवेयम् ॥९॥

Oh God, with my mind running all over your limbs again and again I will concentrate with growing eagerness on all Thy limbs. Then I will fix my mind on Thy lotus like face with a gentle smile. And when my mind melts and merges with the non dual divine Brahman in you, without thinking on any other thing, I would merge in Samadhi with you.