Dasakam: 096 -- Slokam: 02

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ब्रह्मण्यानां बलिस्त्वं क्रतुषु च जपयज्ञोऽसि वीरेषु पार्थो
भक्तानामुद्धवस्त्वं बलमसि बलिनां धाम तेजस्विनां त्वम् ।
नास्त्यन्तस्त्वद्विभूतेर्विकसदतिशयं वस्तु सर्वं त्वमेव
त्वं जीवस्त्वं प्रधानं यदिह भवदृते तन्न किञ्चित् प्रपञ्चे ॥२॥

Among the devotees of Brahmins you are king Mahabali,Among the sacrifices you are the sacrifice of Japayoga,/ chant,Among the heroes you are Arjuna himself, among devotees you are Udhava,You are the strength of the strong, luster of those lustrous beings,There is no end to your glorious power, all that excel are you yourself,You are the Purusha (soul) as well as Nature and in this world, Indeed, in this Universe, there is nothing that is not Thee.