Dasakam: 096 -- Slokam: 04

ज्ञानं कर्मापि भक्तिस्त्रितयमिह भवत्प्रापकं तत्र ताव-
न्निर्विण्णानामशेषे विषय इह भवेत् ज्ञानयोगेऽधिकार: ।
सक्तानां कर्मयोगस्त्वयि हि विनिहितो ये तु नात्यन्तसक्ता:
नाप्यत्यन्तं विरक्तास्त्वयि च धृतरसा भक्तियोगो ह्यमीषाम् ॥४॥

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The three paths which lead to Thy attainment, in this world are, knowledge (Gyaana), action (Karma) and devotion (Bhakti). Those who are fully dispassionate towards everything in life, are competent for Gyaana marg. People who are subject to worldly attachments may take the path of Karma and dedicate all their doings to Thee. To those who are neither intensely attached nor intensely dispassionate and also experience joy in thinking of Thee, the path of Bhaakti is prescribed.