Dasakam: 097 -- Slokam: 07

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याते त्वय्याशु वाताकुलजलदगलत्तोयपूर्णातिघूर्णत्-
सप्तार्णोराशिमग्ने जगति स तु जले सम्भ्रमन् वर्षकोटी: ।
दीन: प्रैक्षिष्ट दूरे वटदलशयनं कञ्चिदाश्चर्यबालं
त्वामेव श्यामलाङ्गं वदनसरसिजन्यस्तपादाङ्गुलीकम् ॥७॥

As soon as Thou left, the clouds were tossed about by unruly winds and torrential rain waters made the waters of the seven seas overflow, submerging the whole world. Maarkandeya wandered in these waters for millions of years. Exhausted, he saw far away, a wonderous Infant, Thee alone, with the body with a blue hue, lying on a banyan leaf, with the toe placed in the lotus mouth.