Dasakam: 097 -- Slokam: 08

दृष्ट्वा त्वां हृष्टरोमा त्वरितमुपगत: स्प्रष्टुकामो मुनीन्द्र:
श्वासेनान्तर्निविष्ट: पुनरिह सकलं दृष्टवान् विष्टपौघम् ।
भूयोऽपि श्वासवातैर्बहिरनुपतितो वीक्षितस्त्वत्कटाक्षै-
र्मोदादाश्लेष्टुकामस्त्वयि पिहिततनौ स्वाश्रमे प्राग्वदासीत् ॥८॥

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Thrilled on seeing Thee (as the child on the Banyan leaf), Markandeya, with hairstanding on end all over his body, rushed towards Thee, wishing to touch Thee, and was immediately sucked in by the inhalation of Thy breath. Inside Thee, he saw all the worlds. Then, on being ejected by the exhalation of Thy breath, and being overjoyed by the touch of Thy side-long glance, he reached out to embrace Thee. However, on Thy sudden disappearance, he found himself back in his hermitage as before.