A random thoughts on human life span.
The commonly heard word of blessing from elders is to live long. Elders bless us with “Ayushmaan bhava” or “Deerghayushmaan bhava” when we prostrate before them.
In Shanti parva, (MB chapter 191) we find Bheeshma telling the contexts when one must bless the other with ‘ayushman bhava’This is in addition to the occasions when those younger in age pays their respects. Bheeshma lists those occasions as -when one sees another taking bath; when one sees a person in ill-health; when one sees a person shaving or while going for hair cut. This is because hair is supposed to signify power / Shakti. The tuft of hair or kudumi or sikhai in indicative of the accumulation of spiritual power; removal of hair is therefore considered as reducing that power.
During Satya Yuga:-. Average human lifespan was 100,000 years which came down to 10000 Human life span years during Treta Yuga; this was further down to 1000 human life span during Dwapar Yuga; we see the trend here, so accordingly in Kaliyuga it is only 100 human life span years.
The Kaliyuga lasts 432,000; we are currently 5000 years into Kali Yuga.
In Kaliyuga a man can lives an about 100 years long only when he is free of diseases and not afflicted with sins.