Dasakam: 097 -- Slokam: 09

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गौर्या सार्धं तदग्रे पुरभिदथ गतस्त्वत्प्रियप्रेक्षणार्थी
सिद्धानेवास्य दत्वा स्वयमयमजरामृत्युतादीन् गतोऽभूत् ।
एवं त्वत्सेवयैव स्मररिपुरपि स प्रीयते येन तस्मा-
न्मूर्तित्रय्यात्मकस्त्वं ननु सकलनियन्तेति सुव्यक्तमासीत् ॥९॥

Lord Shiva, along with Gauri went to Maarkandeya, desirous of seeing Thy devotee. He gave the boons of freedom from old age and death etc., without being asked for, which the sage had also acquired by his penance. In this manner, Lord Shiva was also pleased by the worship of Thee alone. This also clearly shows that Thou are Trinity itself Brahmaa Vishnu and Shiva , and also the inner controller of all