Dasakam: 097 -- Slokam: 10

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त्र्यंशेस्मिन् सत्यलोके विधिहरिपुरभिन्मन्दिराण्यूर्ध्वमूर्ध्वं
तेभोऽप्यूर्ध्वं तु मायाविकृतिविरहितो भाति वैकुण्ठलोक: ।
तत्र त्वं कारणाम्भस्यपि पशुपकुले शुद्धसत्त्वैकरूपी
सच्चित्ब्रह्माद्वयात्मा पवनपुरपते पाहि मां सर्वरोगात् ॥१०॥

In the Satyaloka, in three parts, placed one above the other are located the abodes of Brahmaa Vishnu and Shiva. Above all these is the realm of Vaikuntha which is free from the effects of Maayaa and Prakriti, there, in the Causal Waters as also in the house of cowherds, Thou do shine in a pure Sattvic form as Sat Chit Brahma a mixture of Sath and Chith. O Lord of Guruvaayur! Do save me from all diseases.