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Narayaneeyam Dasakam-98 Nishkala Brahma
Dasakam: 98 -- Nishkala Brahma
Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 01

यस्मिन्नेतद्विभातं यत इदमभवद्येन चेदं य एत-
द्योऽस्मादुत्तीर्णरूप: खलु सकलमिदं भासितं यस्य भासा ।
यो वाचां दूरदूरे पुनरपि मनसां यस्य देवा मुनीन्द्रा:
नो विद्युस्तत्त्वरूपं किमु पुनरपरे कृष्ण तस्मै नमस्ते ॥१॥

Oh Lord Krishna , My salutations to you , who art the very Brahman which is the substratumof this universe, from which this universe took birth and into which it dissolves; whichis, indeed, what appears as the universe but which transcends it; by the light of whichthis universe is illumined; which is far beyond description or picturisation by words andbeyond conception by the mind; and the true nature of which even the gods and greatsages do not fully comprehend, not to speak of lesser beings