Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 02

न्माथो कर्म नाम स्फुटमिह गुणदोषादिकं वा न यस्मिन्
लोकानामूतये य: स्वयमनुभजते तानि मायानुसारी ।
विभ्रच्छक्तीररूपोऽपि च बहुतररूपोऽवभात्यद्भुतात्मा
तस्मै कैवल्यधाम्ने पररसपरिपूर्णाय विष्णो नमस्ते ॥२॥

My salutions to Thee, O Vishnu, who art the Supreme Bliss Absolute and the abodeof salvation; for whom there is neither birth nor activity, nor name; in whom attributes ofgood and evil and the like are not manifest and, yet, You assume all of them independently for the good of the world through Maya,Taking in to your control, knowledge and ignorance though you are formless,Due to your being innately miraculous , you shone in various forms,And Oh God , I salute you who is full of divine joy and the form of salvation.

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