Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 03

नो तिर्यञ्चन्न मर्त्यं न च सुरमसुरं न स्त्रियं नो पुंमांसं
न द्रव्यं कर्म जातिं गुणमपि सदसद्वापि ते रूपमाहु: ।
शिष्टं यत् स्यान्निषेधे सति निगमशतैर्लक्षणावृत्तितस्तत्
कृच्छ्रेणावेद्यमानं परमसुखमयं भाति तस्मै नमस्ते ॥३॥

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According to the Upanishads Thy form is not that of a bird or animal, man or god or demon; it is neither female nor male; it is not of matter/substance, function, or quality ;it is neither existent nornon-existent (being Existence itself). Thou art what remains after negation ofeverything, and is implied or signified, with considerable difficulty, by innumerablescriptural statements and averments as the Supreme Being, and which shines as BlissAbsolute. And Oh God , I salute you who is full of divine joy and the form of salvation.