Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 05

शब्दब्रह्मेति कर्मेत्यणुरिति भगवन् काल इत्यालपन्ति
त्वामेकं विश्वहेतुं सकलमयतया सर्वथा कल्प्यमानम् ।
वेदान्तैर्यत्तु गीतं पुरुषपरचिदात्माभिधं तत्तु तत्त्वं
प्रेक्षामात्रेण मूलप्रकृतिविकृतिकृत् कृष्ण तस्मै नमस्ते ॥५॥

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O Lord! who art all-comprehensive and, hence,conceivable in any and every form or manner; Who art the prime cause of the entire universe; everything are described as and are spoken of as the Primeval Sound, Karma, Atom, Time and so on. In Vedaant that reality alone is called Purusha, Supreme Being, Pure Conciousness and Aatma, and by whose mere glance causes Maayaa to project the universe with various modifications. And Oh Lord Krishna , my salutations to you.