Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 06

सत्त्वेनासत्तया वा न च खलु सदसत्त्वेन निर्वाच्यरूपा
धत्ते यासावविद्या गुणफणिमतिवद्विश्वदृश्यावभासम् ।
विद्यात्वं सैव याता श्रुतिवचनलवैर्यत्कृपास्यन्दलाभे
संसारारण्यसद्यस्त्रुटनपरशुतामेति तस्मै नमस्ते ॥६॥

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Avidyaa, ignorance, which cannot be described as existent or non existent or even both, projects the objective world, just as a rope is projected as a snake,And this world is similar to that as it appears as existing to all of us,And this same illusion , under the presence of the tide of the divine mercy,When we slowly start understanding the implication of Vedic philosophy,Becomes the great axe of wisdom and helps us to clear the forest of life,And Oh God !who is everything, my salutations to you.