What is called SAMSKARA?

A person was once digging up his field for planting seeds. Suddenly he came across a greenish stone. He thought it to be beautiful and took it to a jeweler. The jeweler said that it was nice and paid the man a hundred rupees for the stone. The jeweler then took the stone inside his workshop. He first cleaned the dirt, and then evened it out by doing away with its ruggedness. Further he polished it, and then the stone started shining. Thus the stone was made suitable for setting into an ornament. After it had become a piece of jewelry it became worth a million.

Such a process of refining and enriching is called Samskara.

All the scriptures, whether it is the Gita or the Upanishads, are there to give us Samskara. Even the science of Vedanta, the highest knowledge available to mankind, is meant to remove our avidly; i.e. Vida acts by removing an impurity (Avidly), it does not give anything new. Gaining knowledge in Vedanta means removing Avidly, it does not mean ‘acquiring’ knowledge.

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