Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 08

यद्भीत्योदेति सूर्यो दहति च दहनो वाति वायुस्तथान्ये
यद्भीता: पद्मजाद्या: पुनरुचितबलीनाहरन्तेऽनुकालम् ।
येनैवारोपिता: प्राङ्निजपदमपि ते च्यावितारश्च पश्चात्
तस्मै विश्वं नियन्त्रे वयमपि भवते कृष्ण कुर्म: प्रणामम् ॥८॥

Oh Lord! our obeisance to Thee who art the Controller of the entire universe; Fearing whom the sun rises, the fire burns, the wind blows, and Brahmaa and others bring appropriate offerings perform their functions at the proper time. By whom alone they are raised to their places at the beginning of creation and later removed. To That Controller of the world! To Thee Krishna! we make prostrations.

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