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Thread: Narayaneeyam

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    Default Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 098 -- Slokam: 10

    सत्यं शुद्धं विबुद्धं जयति तव वपुर्नित्यमुक्तं निरीहं
    निर्द्वन्द्वं निर्विकारं निखिलगुणगणव्यञ्जनाधारभूतम् ।
    निर्मूलं निर्मलं तन्निरवधिमहिमोल्लासि निर्लीनमन्त-
    र्निस्सङ्गानां मुनीनां निरुपमपरमानन्दसान्द्रप्रकाशम् ॥१०॥

    That attribute-less (Nirguna) aspect of Thine doth shine forth victoriously - That aspectwhich is the eternally pure, changeless Reality; ever vigilant; ever free;is devoid of desire (and, hence, action-less); transcends all dualities; is thefountainhead of all good qualities and attributes, yet, itself without origin or cause; iswithout blemish, being untainted by sentiments or emotions like love, hate, etc; isrefulgent with infinite glory; which is latent in the hearts and minds of sages who arebondage-free; and which is resplendent with concentrated, matchless, Supreme BlissAbsolute

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